Financial specialists, investors, partners, and CEOs are always, always, always, busy. That implies that the only way to ensure your 40-page business plan is even considered to be read, your five-minute-read executive summary must be able to convey the highlights of your business effectively.

This one-page summary should incorporate a general overview of your company and what it does, however it’s imperative not to bore the reader with the tone of the report. Details such as a market feasibility study, graphs, and numbers, should be kept for detailed documents such as the business plan. This is an ideal opportunity to catch your investors eye and allow them to understand what it is you do and why they should invest.

Your executive summary is an imperative tool for you as well to figure out which parts of your organization have the clearest focuses, and which areas may require more clarification. It is also important for you, as an entrepreneur, to understand that the executive summary is not a way to get an investment. Instead, the goal is to secure a meeting with an investor or to have them review your pitch deck or business plan.

With that in mind, you may be wondering, “how do I fit everything about my company in one page?”. Simple, answer these questions:

  • How long has your company been in operation?
  • What do you sell and what is unique about your product?
  • Who are the owners of this business? What is their experience?
  • What is your revenue model? How much have you sold?
  • What are your financial projection highlights?

Each question should be answered in a short paragraph on a page with your company’s logo in the letter head of the document. The most important element to consider is clarity as an executive summary is expected to be read by someone who has no idea what your company does, or may even be in a completely different field. Investing in robotics sure sounds like a safe bet, but if an investor or lender can’t understand what your business does, then they’ll be wary to invest their money. To know if your executive summary is clear enough, send it to a friend or family member whom is out of your age range, perhaps a parent or a niece, and ask them to read the first paragraph. If they are able to grasp the concept of what your company does, then you are on the right track in developing an executive summary.

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