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Well, you’ve done it. You’ve just hit the “save” button for the third time as you re-examine the best pitch deck you’ve ever laid your eyes on. You’ve either had us create the pitch deck for you from scratch, improved your existing deck, or believe in yourself enough to let your room-mate give you the green light. Whatever the case is, you know that sending your pitch deck correctly is as important as having a five-star pitch deck to showcase.

While we’ll get into what exactly needs to be included in your email to investors, we need to start with the basics: attaching your pitch deck in the correct file. We felt this is the most important focus as this is the #1 mistake we see when working with company owners on improving or creating their pitch decks. Why? Because we haven’t had a chance to open the pitch deck yet. Sometimes, it’s not even possible to open the file because it is sent in the wrong format.

As someone who spends hours a day crafting the perfect pitch deck, it pretty much is my job to back-and-forth to ensure the correct file is received so the best pitch deck can be created; however, investors do not have this much time, and it’s pretty safe to assume that you won’t hear back if they can’t open your file.

So, what is the correct format to use when sending your pitch deck to investors? After working with hundreds of company owners across the globe and working with various file formats, it is safe to say the following:

If you’re sending a pitch deck so that it can be edited or presented, then send a pptx file using standard PowerPoint fonts. Any fonts which you had to specially download into your presentation may not show when used on another device and may end up looking cartoonish. Avoid sending files in Keynote, Google Slides, Prezi, and even as a PSD as these become distorted when converted to PowerPoint files.

If you’re sending a pitch deck to investors for them to review it, be sure to save your file as PDF. The reason is simple: PDF’s can be opened on virtually any device and will remain visually constant. Other file formats can cause your pitch deck to look drastically different depending on the investor’s software and device, and worst of all, they may not be able to open the file at all if they don’t have the spefic program installed (Keynote can only be opened on iOS devices). Additionally, files including PPTX with a high-res company logo can be so large in size it can take minutes to download (minutes an investor does not have).

As a side note, it’s safe to assume that PDF is the best file attachment format to use for virtually any document you intend to send to an investor, including executive summaries and financial statements. Just make sure to save your pitch deck as, ” yourcompany name Pitch Deck 2018″.