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I have a deck but want an improvement in design, can you help?

You’ve come to the right place. Not only do we create pitch decks from scratch, we also upgrade your existing pitch deck to provide you with text and design improvements to ensure it is investor-ready. Just make sure to upload your draft when submitting the required information on the order page.

Do you create presentation scripts so I know what to say?

Unfortunately due to an existing queue and limited time, pitch deck scripts are not a service that we currently provide. Presentation design and persuasive writing are two very different domains.

What is the delivery format? PPT, PDF, or KEY?

The delivery format will be both an editable PPT file and a non-editable PDF. We do not deliver KeyNote presentations (nor is that recommended) as almost all investors request either a PPT or PDF copy of a pitch deck. We can, however, convert your existing KEY pitch deck into a PPT file.

What information is needed for a custom pitch deck?

The more information provided, the more accurate a pitch deck will be. Required information includes the company’s name, logo, mission, short product description, product images, existing website, management team, any existing financials, investment requirements, and revenue model. Don’t forget a pitch deck is between 10-15 slides, so we only need the important stuff. If something is not provided, we’ll highlight it and you can add it in at the end.

Do you discount services bought together?

If you’re interested in more than one of our services we are more than happy to provide you with a discount on your next purchase (or bundle purchase). Just let us know what services you are interested in and we will adjust the cost accordingly.

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Is an executive summary similar to a business plan?

While both documents include information about the company, an executive summary is a one page document which summarizes all the information of the business plan. This includes a company overview, product summary, management section, marketing section, short market analysis, revenue model, and financial projections. The document is completely editable in the even that you’d like to add or modify information.

What is an SEO report?

Think of it like this, you’re a startup that has just developed a new website and want to make sure everything is running smoothly, that all links are working, that enough keywords are used to optimize search engine traffic, etc. Our custom made reports are created by humans which manually analyze your website. This allows companies to fix any site errors they may be unaware of, improve site credibility by ensuring functionality is optimum, and much more.

What is a logo mockup?

Logo mockups are a creative way to showcase a company’s logo in difference scenarios that appear to be realistic. They can be shared on social media or used in promotional materials such as brochures or flyers. Mockups provided are of high quality and can be shared on any social media platform.

What type of financial statements do you offer?

Three statements are included with three years of projections. These include a balance sheet, cash flow statement, and an income statement. Statements can be printed or sent directly to investors to show projected income, expenses, net profit, and more. They can also be included in bits in an executive summary or pitch deck.

The more information provided, the more accurate financial statements will be. If a company has been active for some time, a list of expenses and revenue will be required. If the company has not yet made any sales, then a list of project expenses is required, as well as the cost of manufacturing goods, expected product retail price, a list of liabilities and assets, and the amount of investment seeking.

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While other companies can take weeks to deliver, we work hard to meet your deadlines with time set aside for revisions.
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Your Idea

You’ve developed the business, you’ve created the product, and now you need the final document to get the investment you’ve been looking for. After submitting the required information we take the time to understand your company.

Our Design

We will work hard to develop a professional and custom pitch deck for your company. By using your logo as the main theme, our pitch decks will include HD images and investor-ready text.


The development process is interactive to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with our work. We understand that some clients have a busy schedule while some like to be involved in the process.


All of our services include one round of minor revisions at no charge. Since clients were already a part of the development process, revisions are usually only needed for executive summaries and financial statements.

Finished Product

The final product will be delivered to our clients in less than 48 hours (SEO reports) or up to a week (for pitch decks and financial docs). Clients who require urgent assistance can select express delivery services to have their project completed in hours.

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About Us

We provide startups and developing businesses with various affordable business development solutions to aid in business growth while excelling in customer satisfaction.

About Us

We provide startups and developing businesses with various affordable business development solutions to aid in business growth while excelling in customer satisfaction.