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The best pitch deck for your business. It’s that simple.


We’ve helped over 5,000 companies across the globe by developing custom pitch decks. Our pitch decks have helped raise over over $80 mill USD in investments.

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You’ve come to the right place. Not only do we create pitch decks from scratch, we also upgrade your existing pitch deck to provide you with text and design improvements to ensure it is investor-ready.

Achieving Startup
Success Together

Just like any other company, Slide Success started as a small startup that was looking to make an impact in the business world. We’ve experienced first hand the struggles a new company faces prior to launching.

That’s why we constantly focus on going above and beyond with our clients; we not only provide a service as required, but we also take the time to understand our clients to deliver high quality custom services.

Our Satisfied Clients

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What information is needed for a custom pitch deck?

The more information provided, the more accurate a pitch deck will be. Required information includes the company’s name, logo, product description and images, and existing website. Don’t forget a pitch deck less than 12 slides, so we only need the important stuff. We’ll also send you a list of all the necessary information to complete the pitch deck.

What is the delivery format? PPT, PDF, or KEY?

The delivery format will be an editable PPT file. We do not deliver KeyNote presentations (nor is that recommended) as almost all investors request either a PPT or PDF copy of a pitch deck. We can, however, convert your existing KEY pitch deck into a PPT file.